Pragnya Patnaik

Love Is Not Lost

Ever been in love?

If you said 'Yes', you might have known by now that love is not easy.

If you said 'No', you will realize this once you fall in love.

With their twists and turns, struggles and obstacles, shocks and surprises love stories can never be termed perfect. But in spite of all those imperfections, love is never lost. Love Is Not Lost is a collection of such perfectly imperfect stories of love, doused in romance. passion, revolt, realization, adultery, separation, longing, reunion, transforming equations, estrangement, attainment, and loss.


Ranga - Sambalpuri Kathani

Ranga is a collection of ten contemporary short stories in Sambalpuri. It is a first of its kind book in the language and has garnered praise from readers and critics alike. The title of the book is taken from the title of one of the stories from the collection, Ranga, which is based on the life of a transgender struggling to establish his true identity in the society. Other stories in the collection are, Noon Mircha Patalghanta, Jeet, Maafi, Buniyadi, Gupa-gundla, Alga gute bhoot, Gael lagen,  Mudhi and Fau. The stories have contemporary themes and beautifully imbibe in them the culture and tradition of Western Odisha.

My Pen Speaks

The first book by Pragnya, My Pen Speaks is a collection of poems penned by the poet in her school and college days. The poems are on a wide variety of subjects and have garnered appreciation from various quarters, including a letter of appreciation by the then Prime Minister of India Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. 




Dainika Prerana

Pragnya has translated Robin Sharma's bestseller "Daily Inspiration from the Monk who sold his Ferrari" into Odia.







Sehi neta jaha pakhare upadhi nathila

Pragnya has translated Robin Sharma's bestseller "The Leader Who Had No Title" into Odia. The book is titled "Sehi neta jaha pakhare upadhi nathila".








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"When I found myself in the midst of the avalanche, Did I realize that I could brave even avalanches..."